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Neighborhood Level Art Education, Gallery Management and Event Production

We are proud to have established a nonprofit arts program called SUN Arts as the arts division of Sustainable United Neighborhoods 501(c)3. It was designed to serve the community in Bushwick Brooklyn by providing a range of programming that includes art education, managing a local art gallery, and producing art events. Our mission was to make art accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background, and to promote the work of emerging and established artists. Our art education program at The Bushwick Generator offers classes in a variety of mediums and techniques to children and teens, providing an opportunity for them to learn new skills and express themselves creatively.

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We also manage an art gallery called SUNArts Gallery that features works from local and national artists, providing a space for them to exhibit and sell their art. Our gallery is a hub of creativity and a source of inspiration for the community, and we host regular events, including artist talks, workshops, and receptions. Additionally, we produce art events that engage the community in different ways such as public art projects and performances in the arts. These events help to create a sense of community and bring people together in celebration of art.

Showcasing Local and National Artists at SUNArts Gallery and Moore Art Walls Mural Project

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One of our most successful projects has been the neighborhood mural project entitled Moore Art Walls located on Moore st in Bushwick, Brooklyn which brings together local artists and community members to create a series of murals that reflect the history and culture of our neighborhood. This project has helped to beautify the community, foster a sense of pride, and promote the importance of public art.

To further promote our program and engage with the community, we created a web and social media presence which you fill find links to below

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