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Keli Lucas NFT Series

  • Category NFT Creation
    3D design
  • Client Keli Lucas

A surreal 3D fever dream that pushes the creative imagination

The art of Keli Lucas is transformative as it shines a light on the soul. When tasked with creating an NFT series with her, we found ourselves starting with the concept of framing endless space and working inward. With the collaboration of digital artist BECOME using photogrammetry technology we were able to accurately 3D map her likeness. The final product is a surreal scene that launches Keli Lucas into the upper atmosphere as she spray paints a mural on a NYC subway car orbiting earth.

Portfolio Image

We also transformed her physical paintings into 3D representations of the work to utilize NFTs and blockchains as a “certificate of authenticity” for the works. We highlighted these works in a visual marketing campaign that envisioned the pieces in a 3D high end art gallery setting complete with a crowd of guests.

A prime example of the next stage in art's evolution using the blockchain

Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image Portfolio Image

The future of the art when combined with technologies like NFTs and Blockchain are truly limitless. They provide a unique new market, viewership and new creative freedoms for digital works.

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